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Full Valet Congleton, Cheshire 

At Gleam Clean Valeting Ltd., we offer full valet services across Congleton in Cheshire and all surrounding areas. If you want to get your car sparkling clean inside and out, you can book a full valet in Congleton with us and see your vehicle at its best. 

What does our full valet service include? 

Our full valet service in Congleton, Cheshire includes: 

Exterior wash 

Our full valet service will typically start with a thorough multi-stage exterior wash of the vehicle, including the wheels and tyres. We will start with a non-caustic traffic film remover with wax, and wash your vehicle using all professional industrial products: Vehicles include car, caravan, motorhome, van, mini bus, camper van, etc., and use a hot and/or cold pressure washer at the appropriate pressure, followed by an industrial gloss rinse, using professional aqua wax. We then dry the vehicle with a wash leather and use specialised tools, such as a compressor airline to thoroughly dry the vehicle and remove all water from hard-to-reach areas. 

Interior cleaning 

The interior of the vehicle will be meticulously cleaned, including all vinyl panels: the dashboard, centre console, door panels, seats, seat belts, arm rests, cup holders, glove compartment, air vents, carpets, and headlining. This will involve thoroughly vacuuming all carpets, seats and fabric, wiping down surfaces with appropriate industrial cleaning solutions, and all panels will then be re-sheened, including using specialised tools, such as a compressor airline to remove all dust and debris from hard-to-reach areas and lift dirt from heavily soiled carpets. 

Waxing and polishing 

After the vehicle has been washed and cleaned to the highest standard, using conditioning shampoo with a high percentage of wax, fallout remover is used to tackle those orange spots which are due to atmospheric fallout, plus iron filings from the brakes, the exterior is then clay barred using a lubricant and clay to remove ingrained dirt and stubborn grime. Then a final pre clean product is wiped over all paintwork to remove any other contamination before polishing. We will wax and hand polish the exterior surfaces of your vehicle to provide a protective layer and this will inevitably enhance the shine of the paint. An additional service is detailing / machine polishing with various compounds and waxes which is available as an optional extra for faded paintwork, and to remove swirl marks and light scratches. Call Neill for a quote depending on the size and condition of your vehicle. 


Finally, we can deodorise the interior of your vehicle, to leave it smelling fresh and clean, available as an extra service to an interior valet or a full valet, at an additional cost of £20.00. If there is evidence of any unpleasant smells, we strongly recommend that an odour fogger bomb is used to eliminate the musty smell. Not a cover up, but a true odour oxidising agent, used to combat smoke and fire odours, mustiness, decayed matter or any other annoying odour, regardless of its source. The odour foggers I use offer complete odour elimination, whereas many other types will simply mask the smell temporarily. 
Please note that we no longer offer basic mini valets as a service, because we believe that your second largest investment deserves the full works. Whether your vehicle needs a part valet and exterior polish, full interior, exterior valet or a full valet, machine polishing, paint and fabric protection, ceramic coating or your soft top needs the fabric hood cleaning, colouring and re-proofing. We are authorised applicators for Jewelultra Diamondbrite ceramic coating, Williams Racing ceramic coating and Auto Glym paint and fabric protection in the Congleton area. 

Why choose Gleam Clean Valeting Ltd? 

Gleam Clean Valeting Ltd., has been established since 1996 and is a leading provider of full valet services in Congleton in Cheshire plus many other areas including Staffordshire and some parts of Manchester. We pride ourselves on offering all of our customers excellent quality, value, and convenience, and our highly skilled technicians deliver a comprehensive cleaning of your vehicle, inside and out. We can tailor our valeting service to your requirements, and because we offer a mobile valeting service, you don’t need to do a thing, we’ll come to you to clean your vehicle on a schedule that suits you. We even have our own electricity and water. We offer competitive pricing and flexible scheduling, and all of our valets are committed to providing customer satisfaction on every job. Call us today at Gleam Clean Valeting Ltd., Telephone: 07970300461 or visit our website to book your full valet in Congleton, Cheshire now. 
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